Wednesday, 31 December 2014

#16 - Requesting help: looking for a particular model

No update on my hobby progress, sadly. I am however reaching out to the blogging community here as I am searching for this particular model:

Painted by Andrew King of Miniature Miscellany
I have scoured various parts of the Web, looking for this model, but so far no success. If anyone has one of these lying around and wouldn't mind parting with it, please contact me ASAP via e-mail at questing (dot) artificer (at) gmail (dot) com.

Thank you for looking!


- Q.

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

#15 - Real life update & Hasslefree Miniatures

It's like Christmas all over again!

Well. It has been a while.

Last time I posted something, I came with promises of painted miniatures. I will inform you straight away that those were lies and I have nothing to show. Well, nothing painted anyway.

Now, I have been fairly busy these past few months. Doing my national service as part of the Swiss Armed Forces, and the subsequent training to become an officer, has been very rewarding so far but has eaten into a lot of my time and energy, hence the lack of progress. I am however trying to be more and more productive in my free time, so I hope to be able to update this blog a bit more regularly.

Anyway, today's post is all about Hasslefree Miniatures. Last time I posted anything about them was back in April, when I showed you some miniatures that I had painted. I recently placed a second order with them which arrived this morning. Boy, am I a happy young lad right now!

(Warning! Many pictures ahead! Also, click the pictures for larger versions!)

Resin ladies! Hayden (c), Sci-Fi Scout, and Maika von Ostwald.

Woldur and Conran.

Liberty and Ferrus.

Guillermo and Dynamic Tyriel.

Gwen, Valaska Syn, and Shimmer (b).

Smudgster (b) and Roddy.

Hayden (c), Kadlin, and Sahmi.
A whole bag of free extra goodies!
Right, if you're still here after that assault of rather-acceptable pictures (still getting used to my tablet camera), all I have to add is the following: if you're in search of interesting miniatures covering all sorts of universes and time lines, coupled with very good quality and an excellent service, look no further than Hasslefree Miniatures!

Now, next update will most probably be a quick review of the resin miniatures that you saw towards the top and/or a quick peek at my current set of projects. Or something else entirely!

Thank you for looking!


- Q.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

#14 - Back with a touch of Chaos...

The start of a joint project with some members from the B&C forum. The top chap is from the Steel Brethren warband, while the bottom one is an Apostle of Minth'Ras.

Monday, 26 May 2014

#13 - More Genesis

As you can (hopefully) see, I've made some progress on the Genesis Marine. He's coming along nicely and will soon be finished, which makes me a happy man! The pictures are a bit washed out so you can't see it that well, but I managed to get a decent gold for once and the brown casing looks pretty cool actually (page 30, Codex: Space Marines shows a Genesis Battle-Brother armed with a bolter that has a brown casing, so I decided to copy it).

Anyway, thanks for looking! More soon!

Sunday, 25 May 2014

#12 - What's that band's name again...?

I probably should have just cracked on with studying, but I needed to scratch my painting itch. So, for better or for worse, here's what I spent a good chunk of my afternoon working on.

I enjoy painting red and since I haven't managed to replicate a good Ultramarine colour scheme (there are many of them, but I just can't seem to get any of them right), I might just roll with the Genesis Chapter instead. Also, the Chapter symbol is a bit less fiddly to paint than the Ultramarine one (no curves, just nice straight lines!).

As you can see, the model isn't finished, so expect a post towards the end of next week with some proper pictures of the end result.

Anyway, thanks for looking!